Mountain Views at Newfound Gap – Bryson, NC

This has been an incredibly eventful weekend! My very best friend came to visit, we celebrated my adorable nephew’s first birthday, and I checked another item off my ‘3 Hour Project’ list. First, just take a look at this cutie pie! I cannot believe he’s already one year old, and I was honored to letter his milestone chalkboard for the party!


My friend, Jenny, had never been to Gatlinburg, TN! So after little man’s party, we played tourist! I took her to a few of my favorite places. I love everything about The Village. The brick streets, the tea and spice shops, the fact that it never seems to be as crowded as the main drag in Gatlinburg. We stopped for a drink at Coffee and Company. I was in the mood for some cider, but I opted for the iced version as it was warm outside. I didn’t expect the whipped topping, but it was a nice surprise!

After a couple hours walking around Gatlinburg, we took a drive to Newfound Gap. This was on our ‘3 Hour Project’ list for March as it is only abut 2 hours from Knoxville and right on the Tennessee and North Carolina border. The elevation is just over 5,000 feet so it doesn’t impact the air much, but your ears pop a few times on the way up! I recommend this drive to anyone traveling to the area. It’s a fun, curvy, mountain drive with stunning views!


Jenny and I spent some quality time just sitting on the edge of the rock wall, staring out at these beautiful mountains. There is something so inspiring about being surrounded by one of God’s most vast and beautiful creations. Big life decision and epiphanies were made in those quiet moments. We don’t get to see each other much with the whole living two states apart issue in the way, so I’m even more grateful for the time we do get to spend together!

We had a great time, and got to see some of the best smoky mountain views around! I got the idea to take this drive from my sister who wrote about her recent drive to Newfound Gap on her blog, Lovely Southern. She talks about the recent fires in her post and how inspiring it is to still see these gorgeous views.


Friends, the mountains are calling and you should definitely go!!

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