My 4 Favorite Everyday Drugstore Beauty Products

I want to share my 4 favorite everyday beauty products with you. The best part? You can find them each at your local drugstore for under $15!


As I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed so much, and continues to surprise me a few times a year! Something I used to apply every day suddenly irritates my skin or starts to look cakey! No bueno. As a former licensed aesthetician, I’ve tried my hand at so many different higher end product lines. Many of which, I whole-heartedly adore! However, with so many other important things to spend my hard earned money on, it warms my heart to find inexpensive drugstore products that I can get on board with.


The first product that I want to share with you is CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser. For just $7.55 at Target, this is the perfect cleanser for dry, sensitive skin! Which happens to be the type of skin I have developed in the last year or so. I have tried Simple, Cetaphil, Philosophy, etc, and CeraVe is by far my favorite of them all! I’m also a major fan of their moisturizers. This has been the only drugstore brand that has kept my fresh out of the shower face from turning bright red and itchy!


After washing and moisturizing, I then apply this Garnier BB Cream. I am a major fan of not only the price ($8.99 at Target), but also the light, creamy texture of this product! This packs in even more moisture to my morning routine. It feels like a moisturizer while supplying you with sun protection and a light coverage. I’m all for sun protection!

As for foundation, I am all for light & airy! I very strongly dislike anything that feels cakey and dry! I’m in my early to mid 20’s and already notice when products settle into the small creases around my eyes. No thank you! With that being said, I am in love with the new L’Oreal Paris Lumi Cushion Foundation. This is a liquid foundation in an easy to use compact, and stocks the shelves at Walmart for just $14.97. It can offer light to medium coverage. Which is perfect for my anti-cakey makeup look! Because I start my everyday makeup routine with a BB cream, I don’t need much coverage from my foundation. I like that the Lumi Cushion can offer a light coverage all over, and I’m able to build it up a little on problem areas.


My last and possibly most beloved drugstore product is Dove Dry Shampoo. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve come across a few drugstore dry shampoo duds (I’m looking at you, Garnier), but Dove is not one of them! I’m so very pleased with the Detox & Purify version that you can find at Walmart for $3.94. It’s got a light scent and supplies me with the perfect combination of oil absorption and bouncy volume. Not Your Mothers and Batiste come in a close 2nd and 3rd place, but Dove has really discovered the dry shampoo secret!

Aside from the dry shampoo, which only makes an appearance every other day, these are my very favorite everyday drugstore beauty products! I hope I have inspired a few of you to try them out. For anyone with sensitive skin like me, you know how rare it is to come across drugstore products that make your skin happy. If you give any of these products a try or have some awesome drugstore recommendations, let me know your thoughts! Happy beauty product shopping, my friends!

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