Friday Favorites – Bunny Mug, Caramels & A Blemish Stick

A few Friday Favorites for this cold week!


I have been in desperate need of sunshine this week! This cold weather that we’re all experiencing is a major bummer, so I went to my local Home Goods on a mission to find something cute and spring inspired.


I found this adorable floral bunny mug! Just look at how cute it is. *Insert all the heart eyes* For a whopping $3, this was my very favorite find this week! I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find this same one at your local Home Goods, because I honestly am not sure if they all stock the same products. It’s worth a try, though!


I also picked up these yummy caramels while I was there. (The check out line goodies strike again) They were some of the best caramels I think I’ve ever had. I am always cautious when trying new caramels, because I have a ridiculous fear that I may pull a tooth. These were surprisingly soft and not too sticky! Just sweet enough with a tiny kick of salt. I approve!


My last Friday Favorite this week is this Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. Even though I have dry, sensitive skin, I am not immune to food and hormone related breakouts! I have been on the hunt for a more natural way to clear up those stubborn, unwanted blemishes.  I love that this is made up of natural oils and extracts. With the power of Willowbark Extract and Eucalyptus Oil, this blemish stick promotes a quick and safe healing process.

Well, there you have it, friends. My Friday Favorites this week. (I’m still swooning over the bunny mug) I hope you’ll share any of your favorite new finds with me! Have a great weekend!

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