Dreamy Sheds

Well, friends… I’ve got another project on my mind. My husband is ready to ground me from Pinterest. Lucky for him, our back yard cannot accommodate my latest obsession. Don’t worry though, I’ve got all these darling she sheds pinned for the future! Just take a look at how dreamy they are! 

Shed 1
via Ella Claire

Of course this beauty came from Ella Claire!

Shed 2
via Dying of Cute

This may be a tad extravagant, but holy swoon fest!

Shed 3
via Amish Buildings
Shed 4
via Vibeke Design

I love love love those windows! My future back yard building will be more sun room than storage shed. I imagine it as a space dedicated to all things pretty. Everything from my painting to relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea.

Shed 5
via The Inspired Room
Shed 6
via Deposito Santa Mariah

What a gorgeous color. I’m partial to all white everything for my future she shed, but this is pretty darn cute!

Shed 7
via Brit+Co
Shed 8
via 100 Things 2 Do

So should we start a she shed anonymous group now or…? Someday, when our little fixer upper is long in our past and we’ve got a new house with the perfect sunny yard with tons of flowers, I will have my little garden house, she shed, woman cave space. For now, I’ll just keep dreaming. (and pinning)

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