DIY Painted Easter Egg Decor

Have I mentioned how much I love spring decor? I completely understand that not everyone decorates for every holiday. I get it! For those of us who do, a cheap DIY is always a good bet!


For these painted Easter eggs, I started with these Plastic eggs from trusty old Walmart. If you’re wondering what the texture/weight of these are, think ping pong balls. I’ve been swooning over these wooden eggs for a while, but wanted to find a cheaper version. These worked perfectly!


Next, I used this chalk paint to paint a base color. I did 6 eggs in “cascade” and 6 in “sheepskin” chalk paint. I loved using the chalk paint because it gave the eggs and solid, matte finish.


Once the base color had dried, I used a tooth brush to create the speckles. I used different shades of white, pink, yellow and blue to create color combinations. My favorite was the blue base with white speckles. Clean and simple! (I got a little wild with the colors on a few) #creativity ?


I ended up with several different color combinations, and I love how they turned out!! I can’t wait to share my Easter table with you when the time comes. As for this DIY, I used paint that I already had at home so I spent less than $2 for this entire project! Yes, that’s a TWO!


I hope that I’ve inspired you to try your own Easter decor DIY. These speckled eggs would be fun to try out with your kiddos! Using a tooth brush to paint was fun and easy. There’s no wrong way to do it! Just speckle away… If it get’s too crazy or you don’t like the colors you chose, just start over by repainting your base color. Have fun with it!

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