The Story

Hi, friends! My name is Sara. My wonderful husband, Jack, and I relocated from Indiana to East Tennessee in June of 2015. I can confidently say that I was nowhere close to being prepared for all the orange t-shirt wearing, twang-speaking, Chick-fil-a loving, Volunteer fans that I have come to know and love!


Jack and I fell in “love” at age 14. Somewhere around age 19 I knew I’d love this man forever. We were engaged at 21 and married at 22. We made the big move to TN just one short week after he graduated college. I’ve always been one of those “let’s travel the world and leave all our worries behind” types, but when staring relocation in the face I was terrified! I was so nervous about the move, but knew I’d follow this sweet man to the ends of the earth.

One year later, we bought our first home! Appropriately named the “Little Brick House.” This little slice of heaven was both the smallest and the cheapest house we looked at. (and we looked at a lot!) It needed some love and attention. Unfortunately, love and attention alone are not enough to fix up a fixer upper! We’ve accomplished a few small tasks like repairing walls, painting, remodeling bathroom #1 and replacing electrical outlets. Our to-do list is still very very long. Our master bedroom is currently unpainted, missing a light fixture and being used as a storage space. Oh…. life.

Hive and Honey Photography

Winona Lane was created to share some of life’s simple pleasures with you. Things like cooking, traveling & organizing… A space for the 20-somethings who’d rather be in the kitchen than the club. (but don’t mind a stiff drink or two) The young adults who want to know about floral design and DIY home decor, party planning and marriage date nights, banana bread recipes and good books.

I don’t promise to be perfect, but I promise to be real. This is real life as a young, married, Midwestern transplant living in the south.